Battle Creek Week

Posted by Fort Wayne Rugby on Monday, October 1, 2012
Wed and Thurs: Practice at 6pm at Northwood
Saturday: Battle Creek at McMillen Park, kickoff at 1pm

Tough loss this past weekend to Flint, and I have been talking with some players about the manner in which the game was played. I will do everything in my power to make sure that we are not subject to this kind of play again. Rugby is a tough enough sport when all the laws are followed, when someone else decides to break those laws, the game loses it's purpose which is to compete and enjoy the game. Let's concentrate on getting numbers to practice this week and preparing for a win against Battle Creek. I think this team has a real shot at winning out this season, and I'd like us to put the losses behind us and roll through these next four weeks with intensity and fun.

Also this week is the final week to place orders, I need money from some guys still, so please get them to me soon so I can finalize the order, some shirts should be in next week.