Player Dues, Auxiliary Members, and Donations. 

Your Fort Wayne Rugby Football Club member/player dues are used to pay club dues to the Indiana Rugby Football Union, Midwest Rugby Union, and USA Rugby for player insurance. Dues also cover liability insurance for the club, practice and match field rental, match referees, practice and matchequipment, food and beer for socials, club website and other club expenses. 

By paying your dues you are automatically agreeing to the Club Member Code of Conduct. 


Register with USA Rugby on Rugby Xplorer

All players must be registered in Rugby Xplorer in order to compete in matches this fall.

New User Registration page:  


  1. Go to
  2. Create a Rugby ID
  3. Log into your new account
  4. Register for your Club.


  1. Go to
  2. Create a Rugby ID
  3. Enter the Email address that you normally use for rugby, ideally the same email address you used for registration in Sportslomo. Do NOT use a club address.
  4. Assuming you haven’t done this before in RX, you should see “You don’t have a Rugby ID”. Click on “Sign me up!”
  5. Fill in the fields. Note: on the first screen in “Sign-up to Rugby ID” make sure that Rugby Region is shown as “USA Rugby”. Click “Sign Up” to be emailed a link to verify your email. The system will check if you are known to USA Rugby.
  6. If you are known by RX, confirm your account and proceed. If you are not known by RX and are new to rugby, this is ok! Continue.
  7. If you are not known by RX and you HAVE registered in the past, stop and let us know by emailing We would need your first and last names and the Email address you entered.
  8. Go to your email account, open the message, and click on “Verify Email”. 
  9. A new browser window will open. Create your password and click the button.
  10. Proceed to login.
  11. Once logged in, you can Register via the link on the left-hand side! (You will search for your club, etc.)

-Please reach out if you have questions.

Fort Wayne Rugby is a 501c3 nonprofit that runs off the generous contributions of our community and membership dues. Any donation to the club will directly effect our ability to grow the game in Northeast Indiana. Donations are eligible for tax exempt status. 

Interested in becoming a sponsor to the Fort Wayne Rugby Club? 

Email for more information.